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New-Hire Solutions from Identification to Onboarding


Consultative recruiting support is designed to provide a fresh perspective on your organization's strategy and execution of recruiting. Where do you excel? What opportunities do you have to stay competitive? What potential gaps exist in your current hiring strategies?

This scope-of-work is designed to support all levels of an organization's recruiting strategy, including early talent hiring programs, experienced mid-level talent identification and senior level professionals.  Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruiting Systems & Process Review

  • State of Recruiting Audit

  • Customized Recruiting Toolkit Development 

  • Sourcing Strategy Consultation

  • Annual Planning Facilitation


Having a well-defined internship strategy is often a top priority for organizations seeking to build a strong pipeline of entry-level talent, but it requires a strategic approach, key ownership and a lot of hard work.  Many organizations know they need a more robust experience for their intern candidates, but often times, they don't have the resources, time or know-how to develop an engaging program that will attract students. 

Through years of experience in managing campus pipeline and entry-level talent programs for Fortune 500 companies, we have the expertise you need to develop a top-notch internship program that is sure to attract students and help you achieve your early-talent pipeline needs.  Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Internship Program Curriculum Design

  • Interview Process Development

  • Campus Recruiting & Sourcing Strategy Development

  • Best Practices for Partnering with Colleges & Universities


Identifying, selecting and developing productive Recruiting Staff is critical to an organization's growth and success strategy.  This scope-of-support helps Recruiters & Talent Acquisition Professionals develop unique sourcing strategies and accountability metrics needed to attract top talent and meet company recruitment goals. 

This support also extends beyond Recruiting Staff to support new and tenured Hiring Managers, Leaders and other Recruiting Stakeholders to develop and enhance their own recruitment skill set including personalized sourcing strategies, interview process integration, candidate experience best practices and more.  Services include, but are not limited to:

  • New Recruiter Identification & Selection

  • New Recruiter Start-Up Training

  • New Hiring Manager Start-Up Training

  • Recruiter Development Coaching

  • Recruiting Study Group Facilitation